Grasple is an online practice and assessment platform for math and statistics education. By using our online editor, educators can collaboratively create, find and share interactive exercises, and offer their students the ability to practice more often and receive personalised feedback. This leads to more engagement and better results, and subsequently results in a worldwide collection of openly licensed high-quality learning materials. Benefits: - Time-saving: Features available in Grasple allow educators to save time on creating tests and other learning material for students. For instance, marking and grading happens automatically, something that is usually very time-consuming. One of Grasple’s benefits is therefore that using our online assessment and practice platform saves time. - More high-quality material: Features that refer to Open exercises or being a part of Grasple’s Teacher Community, both give educators the opportunity to build upon each other’s work and adapt existing exercises. This subsequently results in access to more learning materials. One of Grasple’s benefits is therefore that educators get access to high-quality learning material under Creative Common licenses. - Better results: Main features of our online practice and assessment platform mean students are provided with immediate feedback, and educators can offer students a more personalized, active learning approach, something that leads to better results in class. One of Grasple’s benefits is therefore that educators get access to an (inter)active learning method that leads to better results. - User-friendly: Other online practice platforms or even exercise editors are often hard to use, or take up a lot of time figuring out. Sometimes only one individual in the organization knows how to use the editor. Grasple uses a user-friendly editor, meaning all stakeholders can easily use and discover the platform. Also, Grasple is implemented through LTI, and thus embedded within existing Learning Management Solutions. Users don’t have to leave their existing environment, making Grasple user-friendly for both students and educators. - Remote access: Grasple is an online practice and assessment platform, allowing educators to provide students with practice material where- and whenever. With Grasple, students therefore have remote access to their education and can continue their education even in times of lockdown. - Better results through active learning: Active learning is a proven method for educators, as it helps students feel engaged. Especially when teaching math, active learning stimulates students to practice, leading to better results. Grasple is an online practice and assessment platform that uses interactive exercises to practice math and statistics and therefore a form of active learning. When students are more engaged, this impacts their education positively, and they move from short-term to long-term retention, achieving more in-depth levels of understanding and therefore better results.


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